Kaushal has helped hundreds of Google advertisers succeed in their online advertising campaign.
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What Others Say About our Founder

"Kaushal, the Adwords advice that you gave me was probably some of the best advice that I received all year"
- A S Mann (sasmira.edu)

[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]

" Thanks for breathing new life into my Google AdWords Campaign! So far my CTR has been pushed up from about 1.4 to 3.0%. "
- Sanjay Jagtap ~ Managing Director, Shree Samarth Styling P Ltd

[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]

" You gave me insights I didn't have before and it's definitely increased my conversions. I've got a 20% savings in my cost per click! "
-Rinku Arora (princetonacademy.in)

[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]


" The leads for my copper nickel business are starting to roll in. This is awesome. B2b leads are hard to come by! But I now have more business than I can handle. I recommend Kaushal's advice highly."
- Dilip Sanghvi


"Last Friday I changed the landing page according to your instructions. My average conversion rate jumped from 1.2% to was almost 3.8%. Thanks again!."
- David Hendricks, USA

[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]

" Thanks again for the your help with the campaign! We saved the cost of the 60-minute call in the first week itself- " Suresh Verma, Southern Packers & Movers

[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]


Answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What Billing System Do You Use?


  • We use the online payment processing service 2Checkout.com to handle all our billing needs.

    2Checkout is leading online payment processing services and handles large annual payments for some of the small & large corporations around the world.

    2Checkout is 100% secured payment processing company


    Monthly Billing

    We charge all clients on a monthly basis through an automatic process, unless specified otherwise. The billing system automatically charges our clients on the same date every month until cancelled.


    Do You Have Any Hidden Fees?

    No. We do not have any setup / hidden fees. The amount mentioned on the website is final. We


    Can I Get My Money Back If I’m Not Satisfied?

    Yes. If you are not satisfied with our performance you will get 100% of management fees as money back. Fees would be refunded only of the month in which you need the refund. Any fees pertaining to previous months would not be refunded.


    What if I want to Cancel, Change My Billing Info or Change My Plan?

    You can cancel or change your PPC management plan at anytime.

    Kindly email us about your decision. Cancellation request will be processed in 3-4 working days.


    Do You Guarantee AdWords or other PPC Performance?

    It’s impossible to give guarantees in an industry where there is auction.

    Instead, we work on clients budget & business goals. We try to reach the goals through better management & best practises


    Can I Take the Campaigns after we Stop Working Together?

    Yes. You are the owner of your campaigns. You may use it any time at later date.

  • Is password required to access your account?

    We do not need your adwords userID and password to access your account.


    Step 1: You need to email us your Adwords client ID (located on top right corner of your Adwords account)

    Step 2: We shall add your account to our MCC (Agency account) & email you back

    Step 3: You need to confirm access request under My Account -> Account Access

    Step 4: Under action field - Click on 'Grant access'.

    Depending on level of engagement you may give access as under:


    • Administrative access -- Manage all aspects of the account and give people access.
    • Standard access -- Make changes to campaigns and give people email-only access.
    • Read-only access -- View campaigns and run reports


    Phone Support

    When we start working together, we’ll give you our VIP-only phone number so you can quickly contact us. We’ll give you a client-only email address so you can send us your concerns, questions and updates.

(Kaushal Gandhi)

P.S.: When you buy clicks from Google, is there a money-back guarantee? Of course not. But I do have a guarantees

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