Kaushal has helped hundreds of Google advertisers succeed in their online advertising campaign.
Author of Google Adwords Management: Time Saving With Adwords Editor ISBN: 978-1-62050-803-9Available at Amazon.com bookstore
What Others Say About our Founder
" Your AdWords management dropped my cost-per-click on one campaign from Rs. 25 to Rs.18 per click. "
- A S Mann (sasmira.edu)
[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]

" If there ever was a team to trust with your PPC management, it’s Aaris. My advice? Grab your spot before your competitor does! "
- Vikas Arora (princetonacademy.in)
[Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]
" Thanks for breathing new life into my Google AdWords Campaign! So far my CTR has been pushed up from about 1.4 to 3.0%. "
- Sanjay Jagtap ~ Managing Director, Shree Samarth Styling P Ltd [Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]
" You gave me insights I didn’t have before and it’s definitely increased my conversions. I’ve got a 4% click to desired action for my newsletter signup! "
- Robert Turner, USA [Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]
" The leads for my copper nickel business are starting to roll in. This is awesome. B2b leads are hard to come by! But I now have more business than I can handle. I recommend Kaushal’s services highly."
- Dilip Sanghvi [Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]
"Kaushal has systematized AdWords setup, and management to the point it becomes difficult to compete against him."
- David Hendricks, USA [Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time]

Who we are and what we do


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We help businesses acquire and retain new customers quickly and predictably.


  • We provide PPC Management Services which includes Adwords, Bing and smaller PPC search engines. Adwords is changing everyday. It requires specialization,constant updation & time to manage. If Adwords intimidates you, you need to outsource.
  • We provide 60 Minutes Adwords Consulting. It is better to take one idea and execute it well that can improve bottomline. Our consulting expertise can grow your business to next level.


How have our clients done?

Our understating of PPC & clients businesses has resulted in many success stories.

Success Story 1
: Unesta inc. A real estate marketing company from London, UK. Their business is heavily depended on lead generation. Before we took over Adwords account, they were hardly getting 4-5 leads a week. Their sales force was idle & there were looking for large increase in lead numbers.

We understood their business & found out the ideal customers. After researching the market we found that Stock market news sites in display network would give them maximum returns. We setup banner & text campaigns in display network & leads started rolling in. In the first month we gave them 82 leads, a 3x increase.

(Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time)

Success Story 2
: Exotic flora, is a retailer selling nursery online. They started advertising in Adwords on their own. They got 2-3 orders in a month. Their business was unique but they were not managing Adwords well.

We did extensive keyword research for their ecommerce store & found out keywords after digging deep. The combination of effective Ad writing & keyword research helped them to grow sales to more than 300 nursery plants a month & it is growing by the day!


There are many success stories like these. This is achieved because my team has understood different types of businesses deeply.

(Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time)

For PPC to be effective, understanding the client business is more important.

Working with hundreds of PPC accounts in multiple industries, we have understood hundreds of niches. Our internal questioner insures that we never miss out asking any business related information to client.


We also provide training, seminars and coaching on request.


Kaushal Gandhi provides consulting & management of Google Advertising system Adwords.


Kaushal is trained in USA on various aspects of internet marketing. He has expertise in helping individuals and companies in generating sales and leads through their website. He consults on AdWords, Facebook advertising, conversions, testing, email marketing, copywriting and pay per click marketing. He is also author of the book "Google Adwords Management” available on amazon.com bookstore.

We also manage marketing on other smaller pay per click search engines such as bing, baidu, adknowledge.com, advertise.com,clicksor.com, looksmart.com, pulse360.com

We look forward to working with you for growing your business.

(Kaushal Gandhi)

Our team members

Kaushal Gandhi

Think about what you see in your mind when you hear someone say the word "AdWords"... a labyrinth picture, isn't it? Well, since my Chartered Accountancy degree, it is my career and I have based my work on it.


Aaris was founded on this basic premise about internet advertising. My job as a Adwords consultant is to show you how to have a wonderfully rewarding relationship and have the client feel the same.


Is this easy? NO WAY! It takes change, practice and hard work. I aspire to give you best pay per click marketing results to acquire and retain new customers.


Are we for everyone? Absolutely not! Are we for you? Ask us, and we'll tell you.




Oddly, a moment before I started writing about myself, someone sent me a buzz...


"You're 90% Social, 10% Personal, 100% Confident"


My social confidence brings clever insights, sharp wit & perceived value to Facebook advertisements. I feel, Facebook insights is more challenging then getting my Law degree.


Otherwise walking with my eyes on the ground, or mixing around people at parties, I love talking to people even a hair more confident, happy, interested and excited.


Dr Parasmani


I script the 'story of change'.


My role is to advise on how to re-energize the business, focus on the right opportunities, and to expand the impact with proven sustainable growth strategies.










Having degree in Linguistics, I got full copywriting qualification. My primary focus is to write engaging content, better ads & work in the content team.


Outside work, I am armchair fan and clumsy player of many sports, including football, squash, tennis and badminton.





" I am dedicated to quality, teamwork, and providing outstanding service, a perfect fit in the team of proactive and passionate individuals.

Google is changing almost everyday. As much as Facebook. I urge to provide quality programming in information technology arena








Rahul"I assist in the backend management of Adwords accounts.


My analytical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence helps customers get the most of their advertising efforts. "