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Google Adwords Management Guide: Time Saving With Adwords Editor

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Kaushal Gandhi, - widely recognized as an "AdWords expert" who has helped hundreds of clients succeed in pay per click campaigns, announcing PPC advertising agency that optimizes your PPC ad campaign….

“I will personally manage your Adwords / Bing Ads account and bring 30% More Leads / Sales In 60 Days or Less using the same PPC budget. If I don't perform, I shall fully refund the management fees.”

Dear PPC Advertiser,

If your PPC ads spend is more than $20000 per month, this is just the minimum level of improvements that we can achieve in PPC. Improvement could be more depending on how your campaigns are structured.
If your ad spend is less, then my campaign setup & management can kick start your website lead / sales generation.

Free Pay Per Click Management Toolkit - Aarisclicks
You must be thinking.. "Are there any catches?"..
There are 3...


1. You must have an existing account & should be spending atleast $20000 per month
2. If you are using banner advertising, you must be willing to let us create banners that we think will sell. Except for your legal & factual approval, we would retain creative freedom.
3. If we think your present campaigns are doing excellent, we will tell you. But if you are amongst vast majority of advertisers whose ads aren’t living upto full expectations, we are confident we can achieve the desired results.


  • Reason #1: Google/Bing Certified

    Google Partner Badge
    Bing Ads Certified

    Search Engine Certified professional helps managing your PPC account.

  • Reason # 2 : Exclusive Focus on PPC Management

    Concentrate on PPC: A large part of this is recognizing and working with global search trends and constantly keeping ourself updated.

    We believe PPC needs constant attention if it is to be done correctly.

    Advertisement is salesmanship. With this approach we write every word, every image in our advertisement to justify the sales.

    No work other than optimizing clients accounts and employing the tricks of the trade. No SEO or social media for us.

  • Reason # 3 : All PPC Expertise under one roof.

    Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, PLA (Product Listing Ads), Mobile, Video, Mobile App Campaign, Remarketing.

    InHouse work also includes search query processing, finding placements, finding opportunities, split testing, banner ads, mobile campaigns.

    InHouse work also includes market research to find out emotional needs of the buyers, survey with existing clients & PPC.

  • Reason # 4 Client Success Story

    A UK based real estate marketers business is dependent on inbound leads. Before we took over Adwords a/c, they were getting 4-5 leads a week. Their sales force was idle & they were looking for large increase in lead numbers.

    We understood their business & found out the ideal customers. After researching, we realised that Stock market news sites in display network would give them good leads.

    We setup banner & text campaigns & leads started rolling in. In the first month we gave them 82 leads, a 3x increase.

    (Disclaimer: PPC results may differ from client to client and from time to time)

  • Reason # 5 : Fixed Fee Model

    Fees based on hourly payment leads to excess man hours.

    Fees based on % of spend leads to Excessive or unnecessary bidding, Inefficiencies and waste & is not scalable.

    Fixed fee allows both an advertiser and agency to project expenses. It creates win-win situation for advertisers and agency.

    Our focus would be to fix & achieve Goals and objectives of client campaigns & KPIs in the initial discussion.

    If we do not achieve the goals with desired results in the agreed time, we would refund the fees.

  • Reason # 6 : Reporting

    Reporting is a regular part of our day-to-day work. In the initiaal discussion, we would take into consideration the reporting requrirement of the client and will be implemented before hand.

    Adequate level of reporting and exposure to the tactical day-to-day campaign management for clients & us.

    Client would have periodic strategic interaction with us rather then asking for fundamental tasks.

    If you have any questions regarding our services, you may contact us before signing up.

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And much more..

You can compete with big companies on the internet, but you must have the expert advise. Most people do not get updated with latest changes. Rest feel fearful and defeated. You can still get affordable clicks when you have high Click Through Rates and Quality Scores. Adwords complexity works to your advantage when you have expert advise. However, you must discuss Adwords issues with us.


Free Pay Per Click Management Toolkit - Aarisclicks